Fresh Vids From Jason Isbell, Tim Easton and Roy Ira [Vidsy Bits]



Happy Wednesday. How's about a quick triple-shot of videos from three local dudes who all work under the very broad umbrella of roots/country/blues influence? That's painting with pretty broad strokes, sure ... but hey, you want to see these videos or not?

* Back in September, current Nashvillian Jason Isbell stopped in at Seattle's KEXP while touring in support of last year's critically lauded Southeastern. He played four tunes — "Flying Over Water," "Live Oak," "Different Days" and "Stockholm" — and you can watch the full performance, which just showed up on KEXP's YouTube channel last week, above.

* Yesterday, local rock 'n' roller Tim Easton debuted his Shawn Foster-directed video for "Don't Lie" — a tune from last year's Not Cool — via CMT. It's a slide-adorned, blues-inflected little burner of a song about tension and conflict, and the moody video plays with lighting in a way that suits the tone rather well. Dig into that one after the jump.

* And finally, Keith Parish (a local dude) and his band Roy Ira (a local band that sounds like the name of a dude) recently uploaded their pleasantly wistful instrumental number, "Abby With Yellow Flowers in Her Hair," with some visuals to accompany it. "It's low definition and grainy," says Parish, "please enjoy." Check that after the jump. Roy Ira also recently recorded a Daytrotter session, which you can check out here.

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