Spurgeon’s General Warning: Keeping It in the Family



You, the average local music fan, are probably not aware that Lifetime (Television for Women) recently aired an adaptation of the V.C. Andrews trash classic novel Flowers in the Attic. What makes it trash? A lot of things, really, but mostly the incest. And this ain’t no high-minded Greek tragedy filled with sphinxes and eye-stabbing. The book is beloved by pre-teen girls, aka History’s Greatest Deviants. But music is also occasionally fond of this thematic quirk, as discussed below:

Serge Gainsbourg and Charlotte Gainsbourg, “Lemon Incest”

Arguably the most famous song about incest, which is a category that requires keeping track of, this song is a for-real trash classic that reached No. 2 in France, because France is nothing if not full of the French.

Pixies, “The Holiday Song”

I'm suddenly starting to regret all of the words used in this article, and implore the Nashville Cream webmasters to keep track of any traffic that ends up here based on searches like "brother-sister."

Terrence and Philip, “Uncle Fucker”

Probably the catchiest song I can think of that includes not only incest, but also farting.

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