Brendan Benson and Friends Tonight at the Ryman



Tonight, Readymade Records honcho and noted singer-songwriter Brendan Benson will take over the Mother Church of Country Music alongside pals including his fellow Raconteur Jack White, Readymade labelmates The Howlin' Brothers and Young Hines, plus Butch Walker, The Seth Timbs Thing, Jessie Baylin and plenty more. (As noted yesterday, legendary Animals frontman Eric Burdon canceled his appearance. Bummerino.)

Contributor Marissa R. Moss spoke with Benson at his studio and penned an excellent feature for us. Here's a brief excerpt:

"No more Mr. Nice Guy," Benson jokes to the Scene, making himself a cup of tea in the kitchen area of his studio. He sits down on a couch that looks as though it could have been acquired from the set of That '70s Show. Classic framed LPs from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Clash provide a backdrop, and old Oriental rugs cover the floor. "I've never been bothered too much by being popular. I'm really happy with my status, because I can do regular things, go to Home Depot. Some of my friends can't do that, and it would suck."


"It's a weird time for me, and kind of an identity crisis," Benson says. "I'm going through a metamorphosis. Guys get older, have families, stop touring, get into other things. Will I write another record? I love to produce, I love writing music for film, I'd love to score a movie. And just writing with other people."

Proceeds from tonight's show will benefit the David Lynch Foundation — yes, the David Lynch — an organization that seeks to "heal traumatic stress and raise performance in at-risk populations" via transcendental meditation. Very Lynchian indeed. If you can believe it, a handful of tickets to tonight's show still remain — 16 tickets as of press time, according to the Ticketmaster interactive seat map. All of them are singles, and some of them have obscured sight lines. But hey! You never know what'll open up.

Brendan Benson's brand-new full-length You Were Right is available for purchase via iTunes.

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