Those Darlins' Show Dec. 20 at The Stone Fox to Be Recorded for Live Album



It's been a productive year for Those Darlins — recording and releasing a critically lauded record with a critically lauded producer (Roger Moutenot), flashing some skin over Grimey's, getting a pizza slice named after them and rubbing elbows with John Waters. They even secured a spot in the Scene's Top Local Albums of 2013 critics' poll. The Darls would be well within their rights to kick back, take a load off, call it a year, sip on some wassail and enjoy the holidays without putting in any more work. But that doesn't sound like Those Darlins, does it? It sure doesn't.

This Friday, Dec. 20, Those Darlins will play The Stone Fox, and the show "is being recorded for a prospective live album, Live at The Stone Fox." A press release goes on:

The band is excited to deliver this to their fans who have been requesting it and they love the idea of recording it in their home town at one of their favorite venues. Moreover, we want fans to know that if they get out to this show, they will likely be a part of the first live Darlins recording. ... Their [sic] will be some special local Nashville guests joining the band for a number.

Hey, I know who the guests are, but I think I'm not supposed to tell you! Anyway, if you like the best local records of the year, you probably won't be disappointed. Fellow Cream faves D. Watusi and Churchyard will open Friday's show, and tickets are available for $10 right here.

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