James Wallace and the Naked Light's 'Worse Things Have Happened' Is a Strange Trip [Fresh Vid]



Back in the spring, local avant-folkie James Wallace and his Naked Light finally officially released Strange News From Another Star, an album several years and multiple continents in the making. The record is rife with thematic curiosities — apocalyptic imagery, Chinese lyrics, sci-fi elements — and perhaps the most outstanding number in the bunch is a tune called "Worse Things Have Happened" which thumps and glides along with finger-picked guitar and Wallace's playfully half-falsetto delivery.

Wallace & Co. have a brand-new Drew Bourdet-directed video for "Worse Things," and you can watch it above. It's an impressive clip, in which Wallace plays the part of a visiting spaceman who comes across a pretty young lady as well as a crew of Mad Maxian, cyber-punkish, nitrous-huffing van-dwellers (played by members of the Naked Light). I won't spoil anything for you, but I will say that Spaceman Wallace makes a discovery or two along the way, and after all this, is it really Earth he's visiting? Watch and find out. Bravo to these folks — it's a fine video. Doesn't hurt that I'm a sucker for speculative fiction hazily imbued with allegory and images that remind me of this scene.

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