Critter's Galaxy Season Two Episode Two Features RI¢HIE, Jokes



You guys hip to Critter's Galaxy? It's the local Internet talk show hosted by chuckle jockey Chris "Critter" Boatright, who's assisted by bobo-boom-mic-wielding sidekick Grantz. We shared with you the Season One finale, in which The Weeks arm-wrestled Critter for a nasty old sausage link or something like that.

Critter & Co. recently kicked off Season Two with Cage the Elephant, and you can watch that one here. They're already on to Episode Two, which features RI¢HIE frontman and only child Richie Kirkpatrick. Straight up? Shit is pretty funny. Dig in above.

Also, today is Critter's birthday. Happy birthday, Critter.

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