Third Man Records' Turkey Drive Rewards Donations With Records



The hardest gobble to gobble.
  • The hardest gobble to gobble.
This morning marks the launch of the "Great Third Man Turkey Drive," wherein Jack White's local boutique record label gets its spirit-of-the-season on. From now until Nov. 26 (the Tuesday preceding Thanksgiving, for those of you out of reach of a calendar), Third Man Records will be accepting donations on behalf of their charitable neighbors, the Nashville Rescue Mission, a local non-profit "dedicated to helping the hungry, homeless and hurting." Each year, the mission hosts a banquet for those in need, and TMR is attempting to help the good Samaritans reach their goal of 1,000 turkeys (not Turkeys), plus "other desperately needed materials for the folks they help".

On top of the fuzzy feelings of fulfillment you'll receive from donating to those in need, you can also land some sweet TMR swag. Everyone who brings a turkey (or an item equal to the cost of a turkey) by Nashville's Third Man storefront (621 Seventh Ave. S.) will receive a 7-inch of his or her choice, barring limited-edition or specialty discs. Peruse the label's stock here.

But here's the intriguing bit for TMR diehards: The sweetheart who brings the most gobblers (or turkey-equivalent items) will win "a very rare" Dead Weather Triple Decker record. Remember that crazy thing? It's a 2010-released 12-inch record with a 7-inch hidden inside of it. Watch a video of Jack White himself demonstrating how it works after the jump. Anyway, according to TMR's press release, "We all thought they were gone and done, but Third Man Big Shot Ben Blackwell found one under his couch recently and is kindly donating it to the cause!"

See further details and a list of acceptable turkey-equivalent donation items after the jump. If you'd like to volunteer to help out at the Nashville Rescue Mission's banquet, go here.

Bring a turkey, other non perishable food stuffs (BIG CANS PLEASE), winter hats, socks or gloves equal to the cost of a turkey ($25), and get a free 7" of your choice and your pic on our Wall Of Fame!

Please bring a turkey or a receipt for your items tallying a minimum $25. Non-reciepted donations will be tallied thus:
Hat = $5
Gloves = $5
Socks = $5
Large canned food = $5
Small canned food = $2.50

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