Mystery Twins Album Release Tonight at The Stone Fox; Stream Ghost in the Ground Now



Anyone who’s been around the Nashville rock scene the past decade or so can tell you that singer-guitarist Doug Lehmann and drummer Stephanie Brush didn’t so much cut their teeth as bare their fangs during their time as two-fourths of The Clutters, a band beloved both near and far for its frayed garage-rock rumble. On a new full-length as Mystery Twins, the duo both builds on and strips down the foundations of their erstwhile project. Most of the songs on Ghost in the Ground have a distinctly ’60s feel — especially on sugary gems like “Your Heart Won’t Let You Down” and “Mary” — built on tough, lovely, searching vocal harmonies that soar above Lehmann’s sharp guitar work and Brush’s urgent drumming. Melodic-rocking local youngbloods Bully open the show alongside avant-folk veteran Wooden Wand.

You can stream Ghost in the Ground with some visual accompaniment above, or purchase and/or stream it via Mystery Twins' Bandcamp page. Tonight's show at The Stone Fox starts at 9 p.m. and costs $7.

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