Spurgeon’s General Warning: Who Am I Thinking Of?



Not even close.
  • Not even close.
It all started the other day when I had a picture of a singer in my head: She was an African-American singer from the 1960s, with a very pointy chin, big alien eyes, thin arms, and short, poofy hair. “Ah,” I thought, “I am imagining Dinah Shore.” Turns out I was not thinking of Dinah Shore at all! Less than a second of Internet searching confirmed I had confused her name with someone else's. So can anyone help me place this image? Who am I thinking of?

I am NOT thinking of:

Dinah Washington

“Maybe it’s another Dinah I’m thinking of.” It is NOT Dinah Washington I am thinking of. Wrong era, for one. The woman in my head is definitely from the mid- to late-‘60s. Also, in my head, the singer isn’t a jazz/blues singer but more of a soul/R&B singer.  

Diana Ross

“’Diana’ sounds kind of like ‘Dinah.’ Maybe I am thinking of Diana Ross.” It is NOT Diana Ross I am thinking of. She is thin, has big eyes, and is popular in the right era/genre I’m imagining. But the person I’m imagining just doesn’t look like Diana Ross. Also, her chin is nowhere near pointy enough.

Dionne Warwick

“’Dionne’ and ‘Dinah' both start with a ‘D.’ Maybe I am thinking of Dionne Warwick.” It is NOT Dionne Warwick I am thinking of. Though she has a very angular face, is from the right era, it’s just not matching up to the (imaginary?) person in my head.

Eartha Kitt

“Hm, Eartha Kitt’s head is kind of shaped like the spider’s in James and the Giant Peach. Maybe I am thinking of Eartha Kitt.” It is NOT Eartha Kitt I am thinking of. The person I am thinking of was definitely never Catwoman.

So, can anyone tell me who I’m thinking of? Did maybe my brain combine characteristics of all of these women? Am I thinking of an actress, maybe? Or maybe it is Dionne Warwick ...

This is killing me.

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