The Weeks' 'King-Sized Death Bed' Premieres Via NME [Fresh Vid]




Have y’all heard comedian Patton Oswalt’s bit about Death Bed: The Bed That Eats? Well if you haven’t, then by all means do. It’s fucking hilarious. Although it’s unclear whether or not Oswalt’s horror flick-tinged nugget of comedy gold inspired the title to local scraggle-rockers The Weeks’ uber-bubbly tune “King-Sized Death Bed,” NME did premiere the twangy, jangly jam’s video today.

Starring Nashville’s finest rock ’n’ roll comic Chris Crofton (who’s just blowin’ up the Cream this week, AMIRITE?) as a baby-blue-be-blazered mattress merchant with a penchant for Internet stalking and fellow Cream fave Nikki Lane as a murderous local rock-club purveyor/vampire career-minded enough to always carry business cards and boast a strong Web presence, the clip's kinda hilarious in its own right.

Watch closely to play a game of DIY Where’s Waldo and spot other notable Nashvillians in the clip, like The Weeks’ Serpents and Snakes labelmates Turbo Fruits. In keeping with the day’s Halloween theme, the song itself is seemingly about a hot one-last-night-on-Earth stand, and the video’s got some pretty good low-budge gore. This one auto-plays, so peep it after the jump, y’all.

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