Photo of the Week: Lil Chris Crofton




Here’s a fun little hilarity-filled item to warm the hearts of Cream readers and fans of ye ol’ blog’s favorite lovably comically cantankerous podcast personality Chris Crofton. It’s the Alcohol Stuntman himself, uncannily cast as a spare-pated little kid.

“I’m a Halloween costume,” Crofton tweeted at local filmmaker Seth Pomeroy, who tells the Cream (in both a text message and on Twitter) he stumbled upon the anomalous photo by keying “little kid dressed as old man” in a Google image search.

“THAT’S MIDDLE-AGED MAN THANKS,” Crofton, 44 (he was born in ’69), fired back at Pomeroy via Twitter.

So, parents out there, is your crumb-snatcher a die-hard Crofton Show head? “Yes,” you say? Then consider this for a last-minute Halloween costume idea. The locals, at least in East Nashville, will just melt at the sight when they open their front doors to find a trick-or-treating Mini Crofton.

Follow the Twitter thread as it unfolds, here.

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