Party & Bullsh*t: This Week In Nashville Hip Hop [Pour Out a Little Liquor Edition]


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And in the immortal words of Eric Sermon, I'm outta here like last year. (Or maybe Parrish Smith, I can never remember.) Yes, dear readers, after two-and-a-half years cranking out the latest and greatest in Nashville hip hop tunes on the weekly (more or less) I am turning in my resignation, handing in my hip hop card and putting the kibosh on this party and bullshit.

It was an extraordinary run — frustrating at times, challenging at others — but ultimately one of the most rewarding undertakings of my career. And the reward? I was able to watch some incredible artists develop, up-close and personal. I was able to watch a scene blossom and grow firsthand and document all the fits and starts, document all the achievements and victories. But even more than that, I got to see a lot of great shows and listen to a lot of great music that I might have missed otherwise.

As many of you know, I moved up to Boston this summer. I've tried my best to maintain my column through the move, but the Internet can only keep you so connected to a music scene and things were getting stale. A thousand-odd miles is a tough distance to take a pulse from, and P&B has always been about keeping a finger on the pulse of Nashville hip hop.

Also, Itoro is writing a column now, and it's awesome. He's doing a lot of the things that I wasn't in a position to do when this column started, and I think he's going to steer the local hip hop coverage into a mature place that matters to people outside of the still-insular hip hop community.

(Like I said, Itoro's doing an awesome job. His writing has been more thoughtful and considered than this column ever was.)

Basically, you can only mail it in for so long and I ran out of stamps.

But this is not the last you'll here from me! I'll still be writing for the Scene, still listening to Nashville hip hop. Y'all motherfuckers in Music City are talented, plain and simple. Shit, my assignments for my new gig at the alt-weekly here in Boston have been essentially all Nashvillians. And Neil Gaiman. And Italian prog band Goblin who are, in my mind, basically stand-ins for the Suspiria-loving editor of the Nashville Scene, Jim Ridley. So, ya, I'll definitely be covering Nashville music regardless of where I am.

Pour a little liquor for Party & Bullsh*t. It had a good run.


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