Saint Vitus w/Zoroaster, The Hookers and Breast Massage Tonight at Exit/In



When Saint Vitus released Born Too Late in 1986, metal mostly consisted of British New Wave and big hair in the mainstream, while thrash and nascent death metal dominated the underground. Saint Vitus had been around for nearly a decade at that point, but they were just entering their three-album peak, so their slow and smoky doom metal did seem late to the party. But now, classic doom metal bands that didn’t get all that much acclaim the first time around, like Pentagram and Saint Vitus, are enjoying career-rejuvenating interest that’s better late than never. With Born Too Late vocalist Scott “Wino” Weinrich back behind the mic, Saint Vitus released Lillie: F-65 last year, the band’s first album since 1995. This year they reissued the underappreciated gems C.O.D. — the band’s lone album with Swedish singer Christian Lindersson — and Die Healing, a reunion with original vocalist Scott Reagers that until recently served as Saint Vitus’ swan song.

Tonight's show at Exit/In starts at 8 p.m. and is $17 at the door. Openers include Zoroaster, The Hookers and Breast Massage — Breast Massage of course being one of JEFF the Brotherhood frontman Jake Orrall's multiple side projects.

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