Spurgeon's General Warning: Autumn Playlist



Well kids, it's finally autumn. Though the calendar says it happened a month ago, I only consider it proper fall when the weather significantly cools, the leaves begin to change, and families across the Northern Hemisphere bust out their seasonal hand towels. Much like Mr. Autumn Man or the protagonist of "It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers," I too love this time of year. Below, I've tried something different: I've embedded a Spotify playlist of songs that "feel" autumnal to me. Some of them feel that way because I listened to them a lot this time of year; some of them are just pretty and melancholy.

I can tell you exactly why "Flashing Lights" feels like fall: It was used in a promo for the return of Gossip Girl one year.

Have you made any fall playlists? Do you make playlists? Are you on Spotify? Do you pay for Spotify? Isn't that Wings song so good?

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