The Week in Fresh Tracks [Tristen, Roman Candle, Sherbert, NORM, Brooke Waggoner + JT Daly, Gay Vibes]



There's far too much great local music floating around on the Web for us to wait until Friday to share a WIFT. Follow me below to stream all of Tristen's brand-new CAVES (for a limited time only!) and hear further tunes from: indie-pop craftsfolk Roman Candle; beach-pop outfit Sherbert; sometimes power-pop, sometimes electro-pop dudes NORM and Gay Vibes; and songstress Brooke Waggoner (with a remix assist from JT Daly). As always, look back at past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you've got something for us, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Tristen, CAVES

Local pop songstress Tristen's long-awaited CAVES is out today via her own PUPsnake Records, and you can stream the whole damn thing above or via Spin (but only through tomorrow, so hop on it). Spin says that CAVES, with its glistening and catchy pop gems, "recasts Tristen as a synth-pop siren" and "nods to the Eurythmics ('Catalyst'), Kate Bush ('Winter Night'), and, in spirit, Henry Rollins (Tristen credits the former Black Flag leader as the inspiration behind 'Forgiveness')." We'll have more on Tristen in the coming weeks, as she'll celebrate her release with a show Nov. 1 at The Stone Fox. For now, get your stream on, or purchase CAVES via iTunes.

Roman Candle, "Not Strangers Anymore"

Speaking of brand-new releases, Roman Candle's Debris is out Oct. 29 via Big Light Records, but it's immediately available to anyone who pre-orders it right over here. Need a little bit of enticing? Stream "Not Strangers Anymore" above or via RC's Soundcloud page. It's a sleek, dreamy indie-pop number with expansive keys and guitars and loads of post-punky reverb. Go on ahead and stream that bad boy.

Sherbert, "Walk Away" and "Cut Dead"

Aw, Sherbert. Who doesn't like a bit of intentionally misspelled, simple, catchy sunshine pop? The 'Bert — who I promise I won't compare to Best Coast again — has a brand-new single called "Walk Away" b/w "Cut Dead" (yes, the latter is a cover of the Jesus and Mary Chain song), and both songs are available for free. More Vivian Girls than Dum Dum Girls, both songs center on frontlady and primary songwriter Michelle Sullivan's sweet croon — though Ben Walpole contributes a bit of vox on "Walk Away." Fun stuff. Stream above or download both songs for free via Sherbert's Bandcamp page.

NORM, "Sega Genesis"

Hey, NORM! It's the bedroom-pop project of renaissance man Dave Paulson (The Privates, My So-Called Band, something called The Tennessean). Paulson likes to craft pop of all sorts, even sometimes dipping into dancy slabs of EDM, as with "Sega Genesis." Stream that one above or via NORM's Soundcloud page. Warning: Prep your brain for a blooping, thumping banger — no guitars here. SEGA GENESIS.

Brooke Waggoner, "Squint (JT Daly Remix)"

Piano-popstress and sometime Jack White sidewoman Brooke Waggoner released her Originator back in February, and I said that "the closest she comes [on the record] to a sappy or vaguely McCartney-esque ballad is the down-tempo 'Squint.'" Well ain't nothing ballad-like about this; JT Daly of local outfit Paper Route remixed "Squint," and the result is an invigorated electro-pop soundscape that swirls around Waggoner's mellifluous vocals. You can stream the "Squint" remix above or download it for $0.99 over at Waggoner's Bandcamp page. Dig in.

Gay Vibes, "No Accident"

Let's start off with some full-disclosure here: Gay Vibes is the shape-shifting project of sometime Scene/Cream contributor Seth Graves. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you can dig into Gay Vibes' pop-cultural grab-bag of a track "No Accident," which I'd describe as soul-flavored electro-hop — not entirely unlike a lot of Pretty Lights' output, as a matter of fact. Plus, you can't go wrong with a good Dennis Hopper sample. Stream that above or over at Graves' Soundcloud page.

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