Third Man Records Announces Forthcoming Releases From The Gories and ... Jack Johnson



Polar opposites The Gories and Jack Johnson mentioned in the same press release? Not since Lou Reed and Metallica's Lulu have two names so confused my inbox. But here we are, discussing Detroit's great lost blues-rooted garage rockers The Gories and shoeless Hawaiian beach bum Jack Johnson in the same breath. So it goes when Jack White's Third Man Records gets up to stuff.

Today, TMR announced that they'll be releasing The Gories' The Shaw Tapes: Live in Detroit 5/27/88 and Jack Johnson's Live at Third Man Records, both in November. If you're unfamiliar with The Gories, I'll just say they were a very influential power trio that existed from 1986 until 1992 and was co-fronted by The Dirtbombs' Mick Collins and Demolition Dolls Rods' Dan Kroha. This live LP was recorded at a Detroit house show and features "covers of classics by the likes of John Lee Hooker, The Stooges and Willie Dixon, as well as a bevy of their oft-imitated originals." The Shaw Tapes will be out Nov. 26 via CD, LP and download. Hear the track "To Find Out" below.

If you're unfamiliar with Jack Johnson, I'll just say congratulations.

I kid, I kid — come on, lighten up. Johnson was of course in town back in June, when he played a family-friendly brunch at Third Man's Blue Room and saved the day by replacing a canceled-at-last-minute Bonnaroo set from Mumford & Sons. The Live at Third Man album will be available as an LP only, and that's "only available from [Record Store Day] retailers on Black Friday [Nov. 29] and not to see a widespread release until March 2014." The track list includes a cover of The White Stripes' "We Are Going to Be Friends."

By the way, Jack White provided this quote in the press release in regard to The Gories: "The best garage band in America since the '60s. Very primitive … they made people with Les Pauls and Marshall amps look like idiots." He provided no quote in regard to Johnson.

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