The Reality of Best of Nashville Augmented in Print



Hey, Best of Nashville 2013 is here!

You can look at all of this year's winners (writers' picks and readers poll winners) here on the Internet, where you are currently — all in a new and (we hope) more easily navigable format. But! This year you can also do something new with the print issue — which is to unlock and view videos on the page through your smartphone camera.

How is this possible? A nifty app called Layar (the "ar" stands for "augmented reality"). What you do is: 1) download the app; 2) open the app; 3) view the paper through your camera; 4) watch the magic unfold.

All the BON section header pages have these moving Easter eggs embedded, as do a few ads throughout the issue. Here's what happens when you scan the cover:

If you don't have a smartphone, don't have a copy of the print issue, don't feel like downloading another app, are generally technophobic or have some other aversion to watching a newspaper become a video automagically before your eyes on a mobile device, then you can just watch all the videos here.

(Special thanks to Scene art director Elizabeth Jones for pulling all this together in an insanely short amount of time, and to contributor Stephen Trageser for being a one-man A.V. club.)

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