Birdcloud's 'Ice Balls' Is Insane and Terrifying [Fresh Vid]



Well for fuck's sake. Local potty-mouthed joke-folk duo Birdcloud has a new video that — if, that is, you have the stomach for hilariously vile insanity — you probably need to stop and watch this very instant. Directed by Josh Duensing of 80JD, the video for Birdcloud's "Ice Balls" starts off with members Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green in a Tenacious D-esque hinterland, crooning artlessly about drowning a would-be lover in "fuck sauce" and introducing him or her to their "front butts." From there, the whole affair descends into a maddened flurry of green-screenery, bloodspray, fireballs and zombification. Sparks rain down from the girls' ever-shredding fingers, bodily fluids are spilled ... Kyle MacLachlan is there. Anyway, watch it above.

"Ice Balls" is from Birdcloud's new Effortless EP, which you can download via iTunes for just under $6. "Explicit" label on five out of six songs — nicely done!

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