The Civil Wars' 'Dust to Dust' [Fresh Vid]


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Two months after musically divorced duo The Civil Wars topped the Billboard albums chart with their self-titled sophomore album, and the band’s “indefinite hiatus” status is still ... well, indefinite. Luckily, the band recently uncovered some rather cinematic footage that director Becky Fluke captured of The Civil Wars' Joy Williams and John Paul White romping around in Paris (France, not Texas) during better days, on tour in 2011. The found footage “seemed fitting for the feel of 'Dust to Dust’” (the band’s latest heartbreaking single), Williams said in a statement. Check out the clip above. And remember, musicians, you never know when your band might hit the skids. Always be sure to use foresight and shoot as much B-roll as time, talent and money will allow. The more you know!


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