Third Man Records Announces Forthcoming Dead Weather Singles Series and LP



  • The Dead Weather's first photo with their brand-new member, a bucket-loader driver
Jack White's Third Man Records tweeted in August that locally residing (yes, all four members live here) supergroup The Dead Weather has been working on new material. Details on the release of said material come to us today via Third Man: The boutique label has just announced the release of their 18th Vault package, which will feature a Live at the Ryman Auditorium LP and DVD from The Raconteurs (recorded at The Racs' Mother Church appearance back in September 2011) as well as a 7-inch from The Dead Weather ("Open Up [That's Enough]" b/w "Rough Detective").

Now, while TMR's Vault packages are of course only available to Vault members (sign up here if you're ready to commit to the life of a Third Man diehard), that isn't where the info about forthcoming D.W. material stops. Check it:

Is there more to come from this? Yes there is. The Dead Weather's plan is to record and release two-song sets until 2015 at which time they will release a full album that contains these singles plus many more album-only tracks. It's a unique long-term plan for new music from this incendiary group. The songs WILL be released digitally, but not until Vault packages have been dispatched to subscribers. The goal is that physical copies are out there first.

So, what will the product of this unique long-term plan actually sound like? Stream a 30-second clip of "Open Up (That's Enough)" below. While 30 seconds is of course hardly enough to inspire a proper appraisal, I can say that the tune features the sort of blown-out, cacophonous, staccato delivery and half-hollered vocals that the first two Dead Weather LPs were known for. I've always thought of this band as sort of an exercise in style for a group of rock stars who want to stretch their chops and play around — if you ask me, each member's other band(s) deliver more in the actual substance department. But what are you asking me for? Listen below, and while you're at it, watch The Raconteurs' live DVD promo trailer after the jump.

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