Valient Thorr w/Lord Dying and Ramming Speed Tonight at The End



Tuesday: It’s a motherfucker. Not as maligned as Monday but not nearly as hopeful as Wednesday, Tuesday is the most meh of days. Tuesday, frankly, could use a swift kick in the pants, a high-speed, steel-toed boot in its pudgy little ass — and that is exactly what Valient Thorr is here to deliver. This North Carolina-by-way-of-Venus trad-sleaze outfit brings the ruckus by the bagful while channeling classic punk, new wave British heavy metal and stadium rock grooves that are equal parts belligerence and brilliance. On their latest release Our Own Masters, VT pumps fists in the face of bullshit social standards — like, y'know, Tuesdays — and spits bile in the face of square livin’. It’s an all-out assault on proper behavior — and the perfect excuse to show up for work on Wednesday with a hangover.

Tonight's show costs $14. If you're looking for something totally different, there's also Ani DiFranco at Marathon and Ronnie Milsap at 3rd & Lindsley.

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