Ashley Monroe's 'Weed Instead of Roses' [Fresh Vid]



Earlier this year, a handful of sites — Slate among them — guffawed and/or opined on the fact that marijuana references have been, ahem, cropping up in country music as of late. First of all, hello, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. And second, the two pot-referencing songs that everyone seemed to be talking about most of all are both sung by Nashville's own Ashley Monroe: Pistol Annies' "Hush Hush" and Monroe's own "Weed Instead of Roses."

"Weed Instead of Roses" is taken from this year's Like a Rose, an album that our own Jewly Hight says is "stocked with full-bodied, deeply felt country narratives and built around [Monroe's] beautifully bruised vocal timbre." In the video for "Weed" — which you can watch above — Monroe and her band take us through a time-warp to the '70s, where everything was imbued with a hissy tape fuzz and shamelessly lip-syncing along to your own tune was just kind of what was expected of you. Kind of reminds me of another recent nostalgic country-pop music video ...

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