Luke Winslow-King w/Rachael and Dominic Davis and Loney John Hutchins Tonight at The Stone Fox


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Up for some Southern-bred twang but don't have the scratch for either the Americana Music Festival (not necessarily Southern-bred) or Taylor Swift's Bridgestone appearance (definitively twang-less)?

Two years ago, slide guitarist Luke Winslow-King and his featured guest vocalist Esther Rose delivered a convincing performance on a Nashville porch for the locally produced YouTube series Front Porch by Carl’s Country Club (watch above). As that footage demonstrates, Winslow-King and Rose specialize in a fusion of prewar Delta blues and country-spiked New Orleans ragtime. This time, the pair is joined by upright bassist Cassidy Holden, who helps them preserve the earthy grit in music that can otherwise sound cozy and quaint to modern ears. Winslow-King’s debut album The Coming Tide is an easy listen, but the music takes on an added dimension when he and Rose perform in person — and when the mood strikes them, they even cuss a little (on some vintage gospel tunes, no less).

Tonight's show costs $7 and starts at 9 p.m.


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