Hell to Pay for Joey Kneiser in 'So Many Midnights Ago' [Fresh Vid]



It's not entirely accurate to call Glossary a Murfreesboro-based band anymore since three-fifths of the members are Nashvillians now. But regardless of their respective addresses, the group had a jam-packed spring, with a massive tour of the U.S., U.K. and Europe supporting Austin Lucas. One stop on their SXSW run was even filmed for Last Call With Carson Daly. Close to 100 consecutive dates, plus some intensely competitive Wiffle Ball (not a joke, kids — careful how you whip that Wiffle) put drummer Eric "Eazy-G" Giles on the injured list for a few months, and put the band on hiatus.

Frontman Joey Kneiser is not one to let the grass grow beneath his feet, however. Between Glossary dates, he produces albums for himself and others, including last winter's totally solo Moonlight for the Graveyard Heart EP. Today, Kneiser dropped the above video, also self-produced, for Moonlight's opening track, "So Many Midnights Ago," in which he has to make good on his deal with Old Scratch. A sort of prequel to the video for "Under a Barking Moon", which started out with his wake, the "Midnights" clip includes a ride to hell courtesy of a nattily-dressed devil played by Velcro Stars' Shane Spresser (who recently hipped us to his new venture, Dark Horse). Aided by liberal use of the green screen, there's a nod to Vertigo, as well as some Harryhausen-inspired grappling with the undead.

While Eazy's wing keeps healing, no full-band shows are on the books at present, but we'll be keeping an ear out for more Joey and Kelly sets, and bassman and Grand Palace Silkscreen co-jefe Bingham Barnes tells us he'll be supplying low notes for Jasmin Kaset and band at The High Watt on Sept. 27.

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