East X Americana Tonight at East-Centric Pavilion



The day before the Americana Music Festival kicks off, Americana fans can whet their appetite at this East Nashville event, which features a pretty impressive lineup, including locals Kevin Gordon, Tommy Womack, Webb Wilder, Jeff Black, Eric Brace and Peter Cooper, Irene Kelly, Bill Lloyd, Amelia White and Rod Picott, not to mention visitors Calico the Band (California), Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay (Texas), and Ashleigh Flynn (Oregon).

But perhaps that’s burying the lede, because the master of ceremonies is Phil Kaufman, aka Road Mangler Deluxe — yes, the legendary road manager who stole patron saint of Americana Gram Parsons’ dead body from the Los Angeles airport and burned it in Joshua Tree National Forest to honor the late singer’s wish. And if you haven’t been to the East-Centric Pavilion (near the corner of 11th and Fatherland), now’s your chance to check out one of the city’s coolest and most intimate outdoor venues.

Tonight's show is free.

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