The Week in Fresh Tracks [Promised Land Sound, Casa Castile, D. Striker, Repeat Repeat, Discoface]



It's a mighty fine week for fresh tracks. We've already shared with you new tunes from Strooly, Gunther Doug, the recently wounded Dee Goodz and Kings of Leon. And if you're into Daytrotter sessions, you can hear new ones from Amanda Shires and The Civil Wars. All right. Now let's dive on into some more. Follow me below to hear new action from Promised Land Sound, Casa Castile, D. Striker, Repeat Repeat and Discoface. As always, visit past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you've got something for us, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Promised Land Sound, "Empty Vase"

So, local Southern-fried rock 'n' rollers Promised Land Sound will release their eponymous debut LP via Paradise of Bachelors on Sept. 24. We'll actually have much more on that in next week's dead-tree edition of the Scene. But for now, you can listen to the Promised Land Sound track "Empty Vase," which debuted via Spin earlier this week. In the past, I've compared the Sounders to Faces, The Band, Badfinger, Gram Parsons and the Stones, and well, this up-tempo, groove-along boogie is right up that very same alley. (Though I will say I'm hearing a bit of Stealers Wheel in this one. Right? Anyone?) Anyhow, stream "Empty Vase" above or via Paradise of Bachelors' Soundcloud page.

Casa Castile, "King of the Night" and "Leslie Fixes Dinner"

Andrew Nabuco and his bedroom-pop project Casa Castile have been off the map a little bit for the past few months, but I'm very psyched to see some new CC material. Castile will soon release Mountain of Cement, and Nabuco has just revealed a pair of tracks from the record — "King of the Night" and "Leslie Fixes Dinner." "King" is a characteristically lush electronic-pop number, up-tempo and urgent with all sorts of smartly played instrumentation (I believe I detect a hint of banjo at the end of the track there). "Leslie Fixes Dinner" is a dreamier, more laid-back sort of story song, bolstered by lovely vocal harmonies and sparse percussion. My favorite thing about Nabuco's arrangements is how he takes music-school chops and complex instrumentation and jazzy chords and makes them sound simple and accessible. You'll have to hop on over to Casa Castile's website to hear the tunes, but it's worth it. Hurry on over there. It's all right — we'll wait.

D. Striker, "Country Dance Off"

It's Friday the 13th! You know what that means! Local country-music-skewering class clown D. Striker will host another of his RR release parties at The 5 Spot. Actually, Creamster Adam Gold wrote a Critic's Pick on it, so let's just have a look at that:

Every Friday the 13th (and this year there are only two), in a local tradition as timeless as dismembered cabin-dwellers at Camp Crystal Lake, country caricature comedy-singer D. Striker releases RR: a yellow-and-black staple-bound zine lovingly lampooning the more ridiculous aspects of the country music world, giving Music Row an always-needed shot of jocular levity. And every Friday the 13th, Striker — an alter ego created by industry insider Jeff Meltesen — celebrates said release with a party/rock show feature his own comedic country stylings along with sets from some of Nashville’s finest good-time rock bands. Tonight’s RR bash is no exception, featuring performances by cutting local comedian extraordinaire Chris Crofton and his Alcohol Stuntband, longtime local country-rock vets Ole Mossy Face and former Spider Virus and Millionaire Magicians frontman Jerry Campbell’s killer new garage-psych project Tue Mommies.

As a matter of fact, I have a copy of RR right here in front of me — there's a pretty good tale of Striker attending the Country Dance World Championships at the Opryland Hotel, wherein one couple performs a routine to the Dukes of Hazzard theme song. Good stuff. Anyway, Striker also wrote a song about the country dance-off, which is fittingly titled "Country Dance Off." Get pumped for tonight's show by streaming that above or via D. Striker's Bandcamp page. Funny stuff.

Repeat Repeat, "History"

As we told you last week, local surf-pop troupe Repeat Repeat released their new single "History" at The Basement, where Ponychase and El El were also celebrating new singles. Well, you can now hear Repeat Repeat's "History" on the ol' Webs. Repeat Repeat features husband-and-wife duo and East Nashville Underground festival founders Jared and Kristyn Corder, and here the Corders deliver a sleek and tuneful rock 'n' roll number about overwhelming attraction — art imitating life, perhaps. Stream it above, or download it for any price you like via Repeat Repeat's Bandcamp page.

Discoface, "We So ..."

I largely try to leave the local hip-hop beat to contributors Itoro Udoko and Sean L. Maloney, both of whom are far more knowledgeable in regard to rap (local and otherwise) than I am. That said, I came across self-described "disco-rap" outfit Discoface's new track "We So ..." this week, and I'm an absolute sucker for hip-hop that samples string-laden pop and soul tracks. I can't place the sample here (anyone recognize it?), but the track is lascivious and head-bob-worthy, and it clocks in at an easy, breezy three minutes. Stream it above or at Discoface's Bandcamp page.

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