Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Dee Goodz, Complex Magazine, Ducko McFli, Rashad tha Poet, Chancellor Warhol]



Let's start with the bullshit: Longtime P&B buddy Dee Goodz was reportedly shot earlier this week. No cause for alarm though — it was just a stray bullet that ricocheted off his shin and isn't going to slow the dude down. OK, maybe there's some cause for alarm — dude did get shot, after all — but I guess with a motto like "All Goodz," Dee is kind of obligated to buck up and keep moving on. Either way, we hope he recovers soon — though he was back onstage within 24 hours — and that they gave him some painkillers. Who knows, maybe now's the time to make a screw tape, Dee.

On a less bullshit tip, Goodz dropped his new mixtape Donny Cash this week, and it's further proof that his time in New York City is being well spent, regardless of how much time he's spending in the ER. Released via Live Mix Tapes, Donny Cash finds Dee in top form, his flow further refined and his taste in beats covering a lot of ground between rough-and-rugged and supremely smooth. Standout tracks include "South Still Ballin'," "Still Mackin'" and the mystic, mijwiz-flavored psych-funk of "Hall of Fame," though I gotta say I've listened to "Hall" probably more than any other track on here. As always, quality stuff from one of Nashville's premiere — if not entirely bulletproof — MCs.

OK, let's kick this party and bullshit into high gear ...

* Did y'all hear that Nashville made it into's "10 U.S. Cities with Underrated Hip-Hop Scenes" listicle? You probably did, because the Twittersphere got all blustery about outdated info and hackish writing. But hey, at least they noticed that Nashville hip-hop exists, right? Honestly, based on my vast listicle experience, I'm going to guess that the dude found the first Google result for "Nashville hip-hop" and wrote a summary of what he found. Then again, P&B is the first Google result, so maybe I'm a bit biased.

* Every day is like a vacation? Yep, that sounds about right. Ducko McFli turns in another set of dope visuals — you can't go wrong with a fresh whip and a beautiful skyline — from his last mixtape SkyDuck. If you haven't copped that yet, do it. Do it now.

* How long has it been since we last heard from Rashad tha Poet? A year? Two? That is entirely too long, as he is one of the city's premier wordsmiths. Also, he's always got the butter beats. I can't wait for the new album to drop next week.

* Chancellor Warhol had a listening party for his new record Paris Is Burning at the planetarium this week, and well, I missed it. (Because geography.) But if this video and my Twitter feed are to be believed, it was dope. And spacey. I love spacey.

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