Gunther Doug's 'Danger House'; Hear Their Debut EP [Fresh Vid + Fresh Tracks]



Familiar with relative newcomers Gunther Doug? They're a trio of young rock 'n' rollers who make an angular, mangled, riff-riddled sort of lo-fi indie rock, and just last week they released their eponymous debut EP. You can stream the EP — which was recorded at local studio The Bomb Shelter — below, or purchase all six tunes for $5 via Gunther Doug's Bandcamp page. Above you'll find the Dylan Carver-directed video for Gunther Doug's "Danger House." The video, which appears to have been shot on VHS cassette, features the Dougsters roof chillin' and pool-table jammin' in the sort of pantless-with-oversized-T ensembles we probably all wore to bed when we were 6 years old. Jump in.

If you want to see Gunther Doug in the flesh, they'll be playing with New Madrid, Shy Guy and AtA Monday, Sept. 16, at The High Watt.

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