Moon Taxi's 'The New Black'; Mountains Beaches Cities out Today [Fresh Vid]


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In recent months and years, local proggy indie outfit Moon Taxi has, at least on record, moved away from the sort of jam centrism they were first known for. Take for example "The New Black" from their brand-new Mountains Beaches Cities (out today via the Taxi's own 12th South Records): Sure, the song grooves heavily on a recurring riff, and that's a pretty jammy solo you'll hear at the two-minute mark. But really, it's just a tight, earwormy pop song that clocks in at a lean three minutes.

On Thursday night, Moon Taxi will close out this summer's free Live on the Green series at Public Square Park with a headlining set (The Weeks and The Wild Feathers will open). We'll have more on the Taxi and their new record in this week's forthcoming dead-tree edition of the Scene. But for now, have a look above at the video for "The New Black," which — in addition to some striking underwater shots of Moon Taxi themselves — features a trouble-making young lady who decides to get her reckless abandon on in a beautiful drop-top '65 Chevelle. Gorgeous-looking video. You can purchase Mountains Beaches Cities via iTunes or Amazon.


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