Posi Beach Party: Meth Dad w/TronAteMyBaby, Body of Light, MantraMantraMantra, Saturday at The 5 Spot


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Well, that went quickly! It's already Labor Day weekend, the Unofficial End of Summer. Maybe the pool's closing, but there's still time for one last hurrah, and you can bet Tyler Walker — the bespectacled party-starter behind Meth Dad and the Tour de Fun festival (recently reborn as Boro Fondo under new management) — will be rocking his traditional Speedo and sequined tunic at The 5 Spot on Saturday night. When he's not busy with Meth Dad, the unabashed fan of contemporary pop music works on remixes (his Taylor Swift "Trouble" remix is an impressive new spin on the track, which arguably gives the lyrics more gravity than the original), compiles free mixtapes and puts together shows with such like-minded bands as Stay Magical Presents (last month's High Watt party and the pop-up show series South Fry South Wendy's, for example).

A lifelong self-promoter and fearless frontman, Walker has a knack for turning any kind of gathering into a party, which gives him an edge in the growing Do It Together musical landscape. The philosophy: The world is only going to get flatter. We'll have to work together and get along anyway. Why not make it fun? If that thought gives you an urge to yell at the kids on your lawn, you may want to stop here.

However, there's a lot more to the story than just glitter and grins. A broad range of acts is cropping up that represents different threads woven neatly into this aesthetic, and this particular show is an excellent example of their diversity. Make the jump to sample the wares that will be on offer on Saturday.

Meth Dad lives in two coexisting forms: Walker's solo act, which will headline this show, and the party-rocking, 15-plus-member Meth Dad Megaband, which Walker tells us will be part of the upcoming Sept. 14 Yip Deceiver show at The High Watt with Linear Downfall and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. "Stay Posi" from last winter's POSI VIBES puts the whole project in a nutshell. Stream it, but be warned that it won't quite compare to dancing along with the crowd while coated in confetti.

Run for the hills, here come the Trout Mask Replicants! All three members of TronAteMyBaby have interesting side lines; Phillip Maloney is an audio engineer and one of the co-organizers of Boro Fondo, Cameron Chiles is a videographer whose recent work includes the indie superhero-gore flick Die, Develkok, Die!, and Chris Watts contributes to multiple experimental music projects around town (including The Most Amazing Century of Science). Like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart before them, TronAteMyBaby blend pop and mutant jazz with a healthy dose of warped humor. It's got a funky beat, and we'll bet Cthulhu is buggin' out to it right now, flapping all of his tentacle arms.

Chris Murray already laid out all the dirt on Body of Light this morning; all I have to add is that BoL's Bandcamp has gone live, if you care to spin the new album they'll be celebrating tonight:

And last but not least is MantraMantraMantra; despite carrying on the "no-spaces-in-our-name" thing, they're the closest relative to traditional rock on this bill. Greg Dorris, Asher Johnson and Brian Klassen have been busy poking out of the comfortable nest of Murfreesboro, most recently appearing with Madison, Wisconsin's Fatty Acids. Ingredients for the trio's sound include alt-rock and contemporary electro-pop inspired by Animal Collective and Yeasayer. "No Sunlight," which opens their new EP, coalesces a swirling cocktail of backwards vocals and synth pads into a driving pop epic.

The shindig commences at 9, cover TBA.


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