More Bounce to the Ounce: Jensen Sportag, Primitive Sci-Fi, Pimpdaddysupreme and DJ Chozen Drop New Tracks



Hey everybody, how was your weekend? Did you have a good time? Did you start twitter beef? Did you twerk? Did you make fun of somebody for twerking? Neither did I. (OK, I might have made a couple of inappropriate Beetlejuice jokes.) Today, however, is a different story — it's Monday, and I've gotta get back to twerk! (Ba-dumpcha!) But seriously, I'll be here all week; make sure to try the veal. All kidding aside, the past few days have seen a bunch of dope dance music pop up in Nashville, and since it's Monday and everyone is already thinking about next weekend, I figure I should hook up the boogie beats for all y'all.

* First up is the new remix from the local Patron Saints of Smooth, Jensen Sportag. It's a slick, spacey take on "Seeing the Same" by Montreal's Solar Year. As you might expect from the Brothers Sportag, it's sexy as all get-out and goes perfectly with a glass of wine and a roaring fire. Sure it's the middle of the day in the middle of August, but don't you want to sit by the fire? Yes you do. (via Ad Hoc)

* You know what the world needs? More techno. And I don't mean techno in the "I'm in my 30s and don't listen to electronic music so i call everything techno" techno — I'm talking techno the way Jaun Atkins intended. Primitive Sci-Fi — a collaboration between locals Oliver Dodd and Grey People — fills that gap with their debut EP, a four-track acid-tech journey that you can scoop up on vinyl (!!!) from the UK's Unestablished Moves label.

* Queen. Major Lazer. Tyga. Because of course. If there's anything I learned in Nashville, it's that Pimpdaddysupreme is always going to find the most irreverent combination of pop culture references and combine them into the most sublime dance-floor scorcher imaginable. What a goofball! But seriously, this track is absurd and wonderful and perfect for bitch-slappin' a case of the Mondays.

* OK, this new one from DJ Chozen isn't a track — it's a 30-odd minute mix — but it's presented in the form of one track, so it counts! It's also 30-odd minutes of straight bangers with a B-more bent and a lot of classic R&B flavor. Sunday afternoon vibes for Monday afternoon. Plus, "Booty Too Fat (Donkey on Her Back)" because we're on that twerk shit.

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