Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Kaby, Petty, Starlito, KDSML, Jota Ese]



Hey Party & Bullsh*t people, can we give a nice warm welcome to the Cream's newest hip-hop columnist, Itoro Udoko? Yes, we can. I'm stoked to have him runnin' with the posse and double-stoked have the Cream's hip-hop coverage expanding. The first installment of Numbah 4,080, if you haven't read (but I know you have) is a dope little piece about Kaby's new album HERE (Holistic Ear Remedies Etc.), so it's only fitting that our Itoro-welcoming P&B kicks it back to Kaby's new video. I'd explain who Kaby is and what he does, but again, Itoro already did that.

So let's coast on to some more of that fine, fine party and bullshit ...

* And since I'm on that "deferring to others" tip, I'm gonna let Gotty explain this new Petty track:

Petty sounds like an OG who’s lived two lifetimes in the game, sharing the kind of wisdom that can only be learned for experience. And the song’s another favorable notch on his belt as he continues climbing the ranks.

I will add that the guitar sample is pure fucking butter.

* Well shit, this is a team-up I didn't see coming but I'm super into. Cashville's Prince teams up with Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth — who you may remember from his Mikkey Ekko remix — and makes a really introspective, shockingly beautiful track. More of this please.

* That KDSML, such a good guy — it was his birthday, but we got the present. This track has been buried on a hard drive somewhere for the past few years and is just now seeing the light of day. It's a slice of surface-noisey, head-noddy dankness with fricky-fricky-fresh cuts and scratches.

* And let's close it out on some weirdness: Jota Ese covering Nirvana's "Drain You." It's a left-field take on a classic all drowsy beats and sexy female singing. It really reminds me of old-school U.K. trip-hop act Attica Blues, which is awesome because Attica Blues are awesome, and I haven't dug out their records in a while. And then from there I'm like, "Ohhh, I gotta listen to Archie Shepp's 'Attica Blues'," and my day is made. So ya, dope cover, Jota.

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