Tower Defense Album Release Show Feat. Mystery Twins and Century Club Tonight at The Stone Fox; Hear Mind the Menagerie Now [Fresh Tracks]



When I first heard about dual-bass-wielding, husband-and-wife-and-drummer trio Tower Defense, I thought to myself, "Well, that's a sweet gimmick. The couple that basses together melts faces together." But then I saw Tower Defense, and it turns out — much like frontman Mike Shepherd and drummer Jeremy Frey's other outfit, Apollo Up — they shred angular, post-punky grooves and top them with earwormy vocal melodies. I forgot I was watching two bass players.

Anyhow, TD will release their full-length Mind the Menagerie tonight at The Stone Fox, where they'll be supported by fellow local post-punk-rooted rock 'n' rollers Century Club and Mystery Twins. Main man Sean L. Maloney did the pick thing for us. Feast your brains:

What happens when you take one of the city’s best rhythm sections and add even more on the low end? Tower Defense. The power trio — husband and wife bassists Sarah and Mike Shepherd and drummer Jeremy Frey — have mile-long local rock résumés that include stints in Apollo Up and Take the Power Back. But even our perpetual fandom for those bands didn’t prepare us for the awesomeness of Tower Defense. Angular, muscular and anthemic, the band’s debut Mind the Menagerie is a post-punk powerhouse, harking back to the salad days of indie while exhibiting a modern, multilayered melodic sense — think Unrest, Fugazi and fIREHOSE — and that makes it one of the year’s best local records. —SEAN L. MALONEY

Costs $5, starts at 9 p.m. Stream all of MtM below, or buy it for any price you like at Tower Defense's Bandcamp page. Dig those mean tones.

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