Diamond Rugs and JP5 to Play Midnight Show at The Basement Aug. 26



Last night, self-proclaimed “greatish” local-rock haunt The Basement tweeted about “cool secret midnight show next week.” Given the club’s storied history of secret shows past (and could-have-been secret shows past), this was no tweet to take lightly.

And now the secret is a secret no more, as a follow-up tweet announces that Diamond Rugs — a stellar, Southern-tinged indie-rock supergroup boasting members of Deer Tick, Black Lips, Dead Confederate and Los Lobos — will play the club at midnight on Monday, Aug. 26 (or technically Tuesday morning, if you wanna split hairs and be Swedish about it). JP5 — which is also a bit of a supergroup of sorts — will open.

Sure, it’s not Metallica (unless Papa Het & Co. are returning to club on a different midnight next week, but hey, let’s look at why this is better deal. The band (Diamond Rugs, not Metallica) is in town tracking a followup to their loose, day-drunk debut, which puts the probability of getting to hear some new gems and jams somewhere between “high” and “Of course, duh!” Did Metallica play new material at their Basement gig? And if they had, would you have actually wanted to hear it?

Admission for this witching-hour one-off is $5; doors open at 11:30.

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