Danzig to Play Marathon Music Works Oct. 11


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Last time the notoriously hulking, legendary punk-metal crooner Glenn Danzig performed in Tennessee, the entire hour-and-a-half of his stellar “Legacy” set at Bonnaroo was outshone buy what was essentially a minute-long temper tantrum directed at Scene photog Michael W. Bunch. If you’ll recall, Bunch was allegedly (and by his own account, not) violating the very loosely (or rather, impossibly) enforced “no cameras” rule at the show. Danzig was so upset, in fact, he failed to notice my own camera aimed just three feet from his face, capturing the semi-viral moment you see above.

News comes today that Danzig will be making an appearance at Nashville’s own Marathon Music Works on Oct. 11 — the show is billed as "The 25th Anniversary of Danzig plus Danzig with Doyle and Special Guests." Tickets will run you $27-$30 and go on sale tomorrow, Aug. 22, at 10 a.m. via this link. Should we send Bunch back for another photo op? Has Glenn overcome his photophobia? Will it be close enough to Halloween to spark renditions of Misfits’ “Halloween” and/or “Halloween II”? That's a while to wait and find out. In the meantime, peruse this entertaining list of Misfits songs summarized in about 50 words or less.


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