Comedy Central's Drunk History Does Nashville, Tells the Story of Dolly and Porter



Last night's episode of web-series-turned-Comedy-Central-TV-series Drunk History — which of course features reenactments of historical events narrated by inebriated people — took on Nashville. The episode featured three segments: one on the Scopes trial, one on Lewis and Clark, and one on Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner's professional relationship. Above you can see an excerpt of the latter, in which screenwriter, actress and former SNL cast member Casey Wilson portrays Parton, comedian Rich Fulcher (of The Mighty Boosh fame) plays the part of Wagoner, and DH co-producer Seth Weitberg does the intoxicated narrating. (Booze note: Is that a bottle of Basil Hayden's bourbon from which I see Mr. Weitberg swigging? Stuff is good.)

So, what do you think? Any country-music wonks out there care to weigh in on whether or not Weitberg got it right? Of course, I doubt "Are you in or are you out? Back me or back the fuck off" were Dolly's exact words to the bigwigs at RCA, but the sentiment remains. Here's an article published in 1979 that talks a bit about Wagoner's suit against Parton, not to mention allegations of "quarreling and squabbling."

See more excerpts from last night's Drunk History after the jump. Unfortunately, if you want to see the entire episode, you'll have to wait until Sunday for a repeat.

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