Blackfoot Gypsies' 'Don't Want to See Your Face' [Fresh Vid]



Last time we saw local duo Blackfoot Gypsies, 50 percent of them were being arrested for vandalism and resisting arrest on Lower Broad — it was a kerfuffle that subsequently shed a little light on what some claim is an ongoing downtown problem. Anyway, the Gypsies don't just get arrested; they do indeed actually make music. Above you can see their brand-new video for "Don't Want to See Your Face," which was directed by sometime Cream/Scene contributor Seth Graves. Gimmick alert! (Or innovation alert, I suppose, depending on your point of view.) The video was shot entirely on Instagram.

The song itself is a characteristically up-tempo and blown-out blues-rock scorcher that isn't entirely unlike, say, the output of other white-boy blues duos, crossed with a little bit of that swampy roots rock. I dunno, call it Flat White Creedence Key Bombs. "Don't Want to See Your Face" is the B-side of Blackfoot Gypsies' The New Sounds of TransWestern 7-inch single, which you can purchase via Soundstamp Music.

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