Tim Easton's Not Cool out Today; Watch Him Play 'Gallatin Pike Blues'



Nashville transplant Tim Easton releases his Not Cool today, and he'll celebrate with an in-store this evening at Grimey's (6 p.m.) and an appearance at Loveless Cafe's Music City Roots tomorrow night. Contributor Chris Parker filed a feature for us in this week's dead-tree edition of the Scene, and here's an excerpt:

Since his solo debut, 1998's Special 20, Easton has explored Americana's soundscape, from Woody Guthrie and Doc Watson to ragged roots rock, shuffling alt-country and confessional folk pop. He moves further afield with Not Cool, taking full advantage of local session players' legendary skills to turn out an old-fashioned rock record.

"Day 1 of making this album we recorded six songs," says Easton. "That day alone was testimony to the kind of work that gets done every day. There's no room for slacking around here. Some things that were in more of a Buddy Holly/Everly Brothers, kind of British sound that were more pop-oriented, I rockabillied them up a little bit just to make it slant that way. It was so easy to make this record. I said yes a lot, and we did it fast."

Look above to see Easton playing his "Gallatin Pike Blues." Tonight's Grimey's in-store is, as always, free.

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