The Perfect Hours Perform Tonight at The Pond



While I wouldn't typically tell anybody to go to Franklin, I'm going to have to implore you to get down to Jesus' Favorite City tonight and bring your boogie shoes. (Or your head-nod neck brace. It could go either way.) The Perfect Hours is the experimental jazz/hip-hop/deep-space-funk project from James Bonomo, drummer for soul-jazz smoothies The Coolin' System and freak-beat adventure squad Call It Anything, and they never-ever-ever play out. Which is why I'm making the rare call of telling folks it's cool to go to Franklin. So yeah, get your asses to The Pond tonight.

The Perfect Hours have released three under-the-radar albums that rank as some of my favorite and frequently listened-to local slabs of the last few year. Each time a new one drops it gets a mention in Party & Bullsh*t, but the scarcity of live gigs has meant I haven't been able to dig as deep and as publicly into their oeuvre as I would like. So be it, such is life. That said, the latest album, Follow the Arrows, is a head-twisting journey through the worlds of jazz, electronic and hip-hop evoking the spirits of J Dilla, Coldcut and Art of Noise, with some Pharoah Sanders and Giorgio Moroder mixed in for flavor and then multiplied by technology from the future. Believe my when I tell you it's doper than black tar rolled in Oxycontin.

Show starts at 9 p.m. at The Pond, and it's free to get in. And it's in Franklin. Check out Follow the Arrows below.

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