Ancient Vvisdom w/Bloody Hammers and The Saint James Society Tonight at Exit/In



I'm of two minds about Ancient Vvisdom. First, there’s the acoustic-guitar-loving folkie mind, which is like, “Boy, these cats are pretty.” Then there’s the Satan-loving goth mind, which is all, “Damn, these cats are evil.” So there you have it: Ancient Vvisdom is pretty fucking evil. Their dark, heavy folk would make the perfect soundtrack for, say, sacrificing a goat in some pastoral setting, or, you know, just hanging out around the house in your slippers while thinking about sacrificing a goat in a pastoral setting.

The Austin quartet doesn’t have a lot of contemporaries — the singer-songwriter scene and the heavy-music scene don’t have a whole lot of crossover — but fans of the dark and morbid from both sides of the fence will find themselves feeling right at home. Of course, that home is cold and unforgiving, but that’s what we’re all looking for, right?

Bloody Hammers and The Saint James Society open for Ancient Vvisdom tonight at Exit/In; doors are at 8 p.m., costs $10.

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