Wick-It Joins Forces With Fyutch and Birdcloud in 'I Walk the Line' [Fresh Vid]



Wanton alcohol abuse, Western shirts and wigglin' asses — pretty much everything you would have hoped for from local lunatic/Flabongo enthusiast Wick-It the Instigator's very first music video. Directed by Cream contributor Seth Graves and featuring a whole cast of local goons tearing it up like there's no tomorrow — including foul-mouthed country duo Birdcloud and Mr. Flattaop (aka Fyutch), among others — the video for Wick-It's remix of Johnny Cash's classic "I Walk the Line" perfectly captures the insanity of late-night ragin' in Music City. Hell, the Convention and Visitors Bureau should probably just slap this on their homepage with the caption "Blaugh! How ya like me now?!?" and wait for the money to start poring in. Also, props for prominently featuring Brian Deese and Audie Adams' upgraded Cash mural and not making it seem trite. That wall gets a lot of screen time, and it's generally pretty groan-worthy. And now, it's time to load up the Flabongo and party like it's Tuesday afternoon ...

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