Critter's Galaxy Season One Finale Features The Weeks, Jokes



Familiar with local web series/Internet talk show Critter's Galaxy? In it, Nashvillian funnyman Chris "Critter" Boatright (aided by his trusty bobo-boom-mic-wielding sidekick Grantz) sits down with local bands — like, say, Torres and Turbo Fruits — to talk about music as well as non-music-related things.

Above you'll find Episode 15 of Critter's Galaxy's first season — the season finale, which we're pleased to debut for you. The episode features cameos from previous CG interviewees Rayland Baxter, Sol Cat, Vitek and more, plus an interview with Kings of Leon proteges, Serpents and Snakes Records artists and recent Cream Party performers The Weeks. There's an explanation regarding the Galaxy's four-week absence, a Lightning 100 DJ writing a swear word, an arm-wrestling competition with a reward (i.e., The Weekest The Link) and plenty more chortle-worthy shenanigans. There's also Boone's Farm and rain and other stuff. Enjoy! Congrats on your first season, Critter & Co.

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