Body Art Update: Mysterious Image Over Grimey's Is Those Darlins' Blur the Line Album Art



Well, mystery solved. #ButtWatch2013 is resolved. As we told you yesterday, a 9-foot-by-9-foot banner featuring four unclothed bods appeared earlier this week on the front of the building at 1604 Eighth Ave. S. — the building that's home to Grimey's, The Basement and marketing/management/distribution company Thirty Tigers — sending local prudes, Helen Lovejoy types and Fox 17 News into a frenzy. Turns out the image is the cover art for Those Darlins' forthcoming album Blur the Line (see it over there on the left). The album was recorded with noted local producer Roger Moutenot and is set for an Oct. 1 release. Here's what the Darlins themselves have to say on the matter:

We love that Nashville and its music community are growing. We wanted to have them react to the cover image before they knew it was related to Those Darlins. We didn't want any associations our name currently brings to affect their initial reactions to the cover image. Create some mystery, have some fun. We wanted people to talk, but we hardly think this image is controversial.

You know where I've seen more nudity? On Buddy Killen Circle. And in church. And in children's books.

Anyway, see 11 remarkable comments from that Fox 17 thread after the jump. Really astonishing stuff.

"That is disgusting. What the heck is wrong with people??" -Lexi Davis

"whoever likes this has got to be queers,facts" -Lisa Luvsjohnny Clevenger

"its a bunch of fagets humped up on each other period!!! but we smart ones know,,there a good hot place for ppl as this banner protrays.thankfully" -Lisa Luvsjohnny Clevenger, again

"Yep we are, great point there Rebekah, God says we are born in sin, great sign of rebellion when our naked butts hits this world, and we must be borned again. Yep great point. And of course you may want to strip off and go to work tomorrow in the raw." -G Joyce Stark

"band sounds gay. picture is gay. music is probably gay. whatevs" -Chris Unick

"Well, it's an orgy. Try explaining that to your children. Sort of tacky." -Suzanne Fleming

"yes, not something young children should see, a pervert might like it. If on a record album ok in adult section" -Dianne P. Vine Massey

"obscene" -Lisa Casey Fierro

"At least they are not hairy. I just hate naked people who are hairy!" -Lana Sanderford Thompson

"Not appropiate! Take it down!" -Carla Jones Hoover-Clouse

"I think this is terrible and needs to come down immediately." -Peggy Hume

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