Blind Item: Mysterious Body Art Above Grimey's [Updated]




From The Department of What the Fuck Is This: If you've driven to or by 1604 8th Ave S. today, then you might have noticed a mysterious 9-foot-by-9-foot banner prominently displayed on the red brick building housing Grimey's, The Basement and the offices of music marketing/management/distribution company Thirty Tigers. Strung up with out comment, the arguably provocative black-and-white PG-13-ish image bears no text, but it does depict some bare flesh. Here we see four anonymous (though tattoos may give identity clues) naked bodies, photographed from the shoulder down, interlocked in a suggestive sideways pose that cleverly obscures private parts. Kinda weird, right?

Update: It's Those Darlins.

Could it be art for art's sake? Is there really such a thing?

Does the image offend you? Seriously?

Could it be high-brow guerrilla marketing? Maybe.

Or could it possibly be part of a calculated PR stunt? Probably.

Is the image actually a local band's next album cover? That's a rhetorical question.

Do we here at the Cream know the answer to all of these questions but won't tell you because we're just dicks that way? Of course.

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