Los Colognes' 'Working Together' Is a Pop-Up Video! [Fresh Vid]



My hat is absolutely off to local jammy rock 'n' rollers Los Colognes on this one. Back when we first shared their tune "Working Together" with you, I called it "a little sliver of easy, breezy, rootsy summertime groovin' ... that sounds just like a cross between latter-day Grateful Dead and Wilco." Well, aside from the carefree noodlin', you know what else Los Colognes have in common with the Dead? They have a Pop-Up Video. (For those who don't remember the Pop-Up Video series on VH1, please quickly familiarize yourself and report back here.)

In a Steve Condon-directed clip that's more than a touch like Jerry & Co.'s video for "A Touch of Grey" (see the Colognes video above and, for good measure, the Pop-Up version of "Grey" after the jump), Los Colognes employed the wit of Two-Dollar Tuesdays host and fellow Electric Western Records artist Derek Hoke. You see, Hoke wrote the pop-up blurbs in the video, and if I may say so myself, he nailed the tone ... although the Pop-Up writers had a propensity for slipping in a few more dirty jokes. Purchase Los Colognes' "Working Together" single here.

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