Fresh Vids From Harrison Hudson, The Breedings, Girls of the SEC, Joe Nolan [Vidsy Bits]



How's about we kick off our Hump Day with a big, fat round-up of local videos? Let's dive right in:

* Harrison Hudson is the name of a band. Or wait, it's the name of a guy. Or maybe it's the name of the guy and the band. Nominal ambiguity aside, Harrison Hudson has a new video for the song "Curious," and in it he laughs in the face of God by jumping out of a damn plane. See that above, and stay tuned for H.H.'s album, also called Curious, out Sept. 24 (pre-order here).

* Sibling duo The Breedings make traditional-styled pop music with some light country flourishes, and they've got a brand-new Will Morgan Holland-directed video for their tune "Calm." The song — an earnest ballad — is taken from their forthcoming Fayette, out Aug. 6, and you can see the video after the jump.

* Full disclosure: Local musician Ryan Burleson writes for the Scene. And well, I might add. But — as I gave away when I called him "local musician Ryan Burleson" — he also makes music, sometimes as Girls of the SEC. He's got a surfy instrumental number by the name of "Some Kind of Inlet or Something" and a video to match (Bill O'Reilly Cameo Alert). See that after the jump, and stay tuned for his Lost Summer EP, out later this month.

* And finally, full disclosure again: Joe Nolan writes for us. Mostly about art. But he also makes music, and he's just put together a music video for his song "Paradise" — it's culled from public-domain footage and "combines images of San Francisco in 1941 with shots from the city captured in 1968 during that era’s counter-cultural revolution." The song's sort of an easygoing, laid-back psych-roots rock 'n' roll number, and it comes from Nolan's album Blue Turns Black. See that one after the jump as well.

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