Penicillin Baby's 'Jean Jam'; See Them Play 'Private School Kids' [Fresh Vids]


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I've been saying it for some time, and I'm prepared to stand behind it: Local psychedelic-rock quartet Penicillin Baby is among the most underrated indie outfits in town, with shimmering, undeniable pop melodies that cut through layers of effects-laden, far-out guitars. It's heavily diggable. And lucky for us, the Babies have a brand-new Carl Schulz-directed video for their song "Jean Jam," and you can watch that above. The song is from PB's Jams: Vol. 1 (which we first shared with you nearly a year ago), and the video, appropriately enough, features a young lady who once and for all decides to dispose of her baby-doll collection in most far-out fashion. Good shit.

And while you're at it, look after the jump to see Penicillin Baby playing their poseur-indicting jam "Private School Kids." The footage — which was shot by local production company Hoy Poloy in what appears to be an unfinished garage or studio or storage space of some sort — looks absolutely stellar. Dig in.


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