Brooke Waggoner's 'Squint'; See Her Play 'Wellspring' [Fresh Vids]


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When Brooke Waggoner released her Originator back in February, I said that the songstress "lacks the sort of banality that the phrase 'piano pop' might suggest." I continued: "She's not making wedding-music-style schlock, or recycling Billy Joel or the quirky bounce-along poppery of Ben Folds or even Regina Spektor, and the closest she comes to a sappy or vaguely McCartney-esque ballad is the down-tempo 'Squint.'" Well, speaking of "Squint," Waggoner has a brand-new video for the tune, and you can watch it above. With Waggoner playing piano in a moodily lit, red-curtained room, Twin Peaks' Black Lodge comes to mind — and also, the wires-attached-to-fingers bit reminds me (ever so slightly) of this scene from Freddy Got Fingered. Anyhow, well-shot video for a rather pleasant ballad.

In other Brooke Waggoner news, JT Daly of Paper Route did a remix of "Squint," and you can hear that below or download it for a buck via Waggoner's Bandcamp page. Oh also, Waggoner played her song "Wellspring" at Quad Studio in Nashville for the folks at Brite Revolution, and you can see that after the jump.


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