Marilyn Manson Tonight at War Memorial Auditorium



Twenty-one years ago, a fresh-faced young Brian Warner (soon to be more widely known as Marilyn Manson, of course) made an appearance in the crowd at an MTV taping (watch above), where he semi-surreptitiously plugged his band. Little did America know the shock rocker would go on to jam up mainstream media with his rumor-ensconced persona. Now, over a decade removed from his little corner of the zeitgeist, Manson is on tour in support of last year's Born Villain, and he'll stop in tonight for a performance at Nashville's War Memorial Auditorium. Our very own Adam Gold penned us a Critic's Pick on ol' Goth Brooks, as I like to call him. Let's check it out, beautiful people:

While mass shootings unfortunately haven’t ceased since the 1999 Columbine tragedy, blaming them on Marilyn Manson thankfully has. The world has changed quite a bit since Manson’s Clinton-era reign as shock rock’s tourniquet-clad flag bearer. Don’t expect to see religious groups congregating outside War Memorial Auditorium tonight praying for the souls of teenage goth revelers inside, where Manson stars in his own traveling dope show. In fact, don’t expect to see many teens there either. What seemed shocking and, to some (relative to the size of their steeples), even dangerous in a pre-9/11 world now seems novel; what was once braying and sinister is now campy and cartoonish; and what once transpired on arena stages now goes down in, well, more intimate confines. Also, Manson is now a ripe 44 years old. But that doesn’t mean it won’t still be a killer, or rather dope, show. Come for the laughs, but stay for “The Beautiful People,” Manson’s inevitable encore. —ADAM GOLD

As I hit "publish" on this post, a "very limited" (WMA's words, not mine) number of tickets remain. Get those for $58 right here.

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