Taylor Swift's 'Red' [Fresh Vid]



If you read The Spin's appraisal of Taylor Swift's CMA Music Fest set, you know the ol' buzzards characterized her performance thusly: "With her affected, Stepford Wife-like stage moves and red, spangled Les Paul as a prop (later she had a banjo), watching Swift's performance was a bit like seeing someone sing into her bedroom mirror, all moves practiced, planned and pristine. ... Every possible moment was injected with demure poses and attitude-filled glances at no one in particular." Well, care to see if The Spin knows what the hell they're talking about? Check out Swift's brand-new music video for "Red" — the titular tune from her October release, which has sold over six million copies — above. The video is culled from live footage, so let's see just how practiced and pristine those stage moves are ...

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